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About Us

About Us — adi SEO Tools (AST)

adiSEOTools.com is a bundle of experts in the area of SEO. The core vision to develop the adiSEOTools was to help bloggers and Internet Community for ranking high their work in search engines with little efforts.


AST : A Path of Inspiration

In 2009, Google and other search engines updated their algorithm for ranking articles, blogs, content based on some SEO parameters. Big companies were able to purchased costlier tools but the low income or struggler were not in that position to purchase such tools. Their hard work of content generation were not appreciated and rewarded. Therefore, everyone was searching support for the easily and affordable available SEO tools.

adiSEOTools.com understood the pain of internet community of the content creator. A solid plan to support struggler and low income group people was targeted by providing the SEO Tools to them. In house team of  SEO expert with various outsourced highly skilled professionals and developers taken action to set a milestone for SEO tools. Effective and smart SEO tools were designed, tested and launched.

Happy Birthday for adiSEOTools was celebrated with joint efforts of Team.

At present, adiSEOTools is receving the great love from the internet community due to its nature of help. 190+ SEO tools are helping millions of the people. The best part is that it is FREE.


Our Base Seed

Chief Developer adiSEOtools.comadiSEOTools.com was established by Hem J. The core member of the team was Prakash J. He has great experience in the website design industry. Many clients from different countries had received and appreciated his wonderful work. In the current scenario also, he is engaged deeply in development of many web projects. His leadership quality and understanding of entrepreneurship is amazing. Mr. Prakash J is having first affair with AST. Honest and sincere team associated with him makes the dream of adiSEOTools.com true.

The success in its mission of adiSEOTools.com is achieved by providing the pro quality of SEO Tools at FREE of cost for EVERYONE on the Internet. adiSEOTools.com was started with some tools for SEO website management and at a later stage, this process of addition of other SEO tools in list never stopped. At present 190+ SEO tools are helping the internet community with great inventory of absolutely FREE assets.

Our mission is aligned with our vision of delivering the pro quality of SEO Tools to everyone in online mode and that too absolutely free. Our work is started with the same vision and we are maintaining our words towards Internet society.


Our Users

Since inception, adiSEOtools.com had evolved greatly for the online SEO users. This efforts are now being utilized at every level of Internet community. Some of them are as follows:

  • Marketing Manager

  • Video Editor

  • Content Editor

  • Proof Readers

  • Freelancer Writers

  • Webmaster

  • Bloggers

  • SEO Professionals

  • Website Owner

  • Website Admin.

  • Online Ads Agencies

  • Students

  • Infographics Creator

  • Teachers

  • Web Designers

  • Web Developers

  • News Editor

  • Press Release

users of adiSEOtools.com

SEO Tools That Will Save You Time and Money

If you’re like most people in business, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to save time and money while maintaining quality and increasing results. That’s why you need the best online SEO tools possible at your disposal — so you can focus on delivering your content, services, and products to clients without worrying about the complex technicalities that are involved with search engine optimization (SEO). Of course, if you search online for SEO tools you’ll find plenty of options... but not all of them are good.

Picking The Right SEO Tool

Plagiarism Checker Free SEO Tools. There are a number of great free tools out there for you to use to enhance your business’s SEO. Plagiarism checkers can be useful, but many don’t do a very good job of it—and even if they do catch an issue, using them is still not a substitute for hiring an experienced copywriter to write original content.

Search Engine Optimization

There’s no doubt that SEO is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing, but it can be difficult to master. In fact, according to a report published by Moz, 84% of businesses say that search engine optimization has become more complicated over time. If you feel lost when it comes to SEO—or if you want a second opinion on your strategy—we recommend using an SEO tool.

SEO is beneficial for businesses

SEO helps boost search engine rankings, reach more potential customers, generate more leads and ultimately, increase revenue. SEO is also beneficial for companies because it’s relatively cheap to implement as well as a quick way to grow traffic—compared to paid marketing such as Google AdWords. SEO tools can help you achieve these goals efficiently by helping you audit your website data, competitors’ SEO strategy, find keywords that generate high ROI for content & content marketing and track progress of your organic performance over time.

Types of SEO Tools

There are a handful of different types of SEO tools, each of which can help you in some way. Each tool will have its own set of pros and cons, so it’s worth doing your research to find out which one is right for you. Here are some examples: Analytics Tools: these help you track data related to traffic coming to your site, keyword rankings, sales conversions, etc.

New Research Features

grammar checker, Article Rewriter: adiSEOtools, a popular SEO toolkit with over 4 million users worldwide, has added two new powerful features to their free platform: grammar checker and article rewriter. The article rewriter will allow you to copy content from any source (news articles or anything else), then rewrite it into your own words. It is an incredibly useful tool for brainstorming content ideas, or perhaps pulling together specific data points from several different sources of information.

Proxies Are Dead

The Next Generation of SEO Audit & Analysis Tool Is Here, adiSEOtools just launched a Beta version of its new SEO audit tool at Orlando, Florida. With capabilities like Reverse Image Search, Keyword Research from Bing/Google, Bing Links Graphs Visualization, Backlink Checker for Domain Analysis with Link Value Estimation etc., adiSEOtools is bringing new life to end users who are tired of using old tools with no added value.

Deep Link Scraping

Students, Online Best SEO Tools is a unique cloud-based platform which allows you to track your competitors' backlinks, analyse their best performing keywords, adiSEOtools their content marketing strategy. And that's just a start. With one tool you can cut down on hours of manual labour. If that sounds good to you then check out these 7 benefits below: 1. Marketing Ninja use Social Media Marketing as an integral part of our comprehensive digital marketing strategy.. 2.

Fetch as Google

Use adiSEOtool.com website reviewer to get instant access to detailed insights on any website – your competitors’ or your own. Identify black hat SEOs, backlink profile, internal links structure, SERP positions, meta tags & titles/descriptions, PDF tools and more! Fetch as Google analyses competitor websites so you don’t have to. Improve onsite SEO with a simple-to-use interface by producing clean HTML reports instantly!

Rank Tracker

The free version of Rank Tracker is an image editing tool that allows you to get a very visual view of how your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are faring. An incredibly valuable part of tracking progress for your business, Rank Tracker will update all images for all of your keywords every day. The paid version ($49/month) gives you in-depth access to various SEO statistics as well as easy implementation into several platforms.

Rank Checker

One of adiWEB’s SEO tools is a Rank Checker. It will tell you how your site ranks in Google for specific keywords, so you can see if any search engine optimization changes you’ve made have resulted in higher rankings. If a keyword phrase doesn’t work well for your site, it also provides suggestions that may be more suited to your business. It allows you to check many different keyword phrases at once.

Site Auditor

Analyse competitor SEO strategy, backlink profile, keyword opportunities, local SEO ranking factors, technical SEO audits and crawl errors. The Site Auditor helps you find high-converting keywords for content & content marketing. You can also track SEO progress over time with a visualized graph to understand where things stand.

Snippets Extension

Backlink Analyser, Keyword Tracker, Link Opportunity Finder, Organic Keyword Research Tool: AdiSEOtools has a wide range of SEO tools that offer an array of features for professionals in different areas. In fact, using these powerful tools will help you save time and money on manual SEO audits as well as help you to find high-converting keywords for content marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to track your SEO progress or KPI metrics, these tools can help.

SEO Extension

adiSEOtools is a free SEO extension that helps with keyword research, backlink profile analysis, competitor SEO analysis, rank tracking & more. Simple to use and packed with features. Get instant data on any site you’re visiting!

adiSEOtools is the best available option for online SEO Tools

What started as a bootstrapped side project of a single SEO expert has turned into an amazing collaboration with hundreds of teachers, SEO experts, and developers around the world. The ultimate goal of adiSEOtools is to help millions of webmasters who are struggling to perform manual audits on their websites by providing them with information that can be used for strategic decisions in a simple-to-use interface.


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London, UK
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